Who we are

Our Values

Letting consultants into your business is always a difficult decision. This is why RiverRouge sets such a high priority on an open and transparent relationship based on trust and teamwork. To foster this kind of partnership with our clients RiverRouge has therefore set three clear value targets for all employees:

  1. Client Success: Everything we do is aimed to make our clients successful as their success is unavoidably linked to our own success. We would never suggest a new concept or project if we would not take that direction ourselves. RiverRouge aims to build strong and lasting relationships and we strive to be a flexible and versatile partner providing bespoke solutions to achieve the maximum value-add for our clients.
  2. Hands-On: RiverRouge is about making a real difference on a product design level and on shop-floor. All of our Consultants are credible industry experts with years of experience in challenging situations and a ‘doing’ attitude. Whilst we also have strong analytical skills we see the biggest value for our clients in the hands on delivery and coaching support close to the value stream to ensure improvements are delivering the expected results.
  3. Simplicity: Sustainable results can only be achieved through simple principles and tools. Achieving simplicity and clarity within todays complex manufacturing organisations is often an art in its own right but once achieved the return for our clients always outweighs the extra effort during the implementation phases. This is one of our strongest success factors and the main driver for consistent positive results.