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Unlimited Support for our Clients

Unlimited Support for our Clients

As part of the turnaround program of the Powertrain component manufacturer Mahle Powertrain UK, RiverRouge organised a strategic partnership to solve chronic difficulties of slow sales activities to fill the order books and specifically the access manufacturing capacity to support the drive for increased EBIT. Matching manufacturing requirements and similar target volume segments as well as complementary service portfolios combined with a demand for reliable manufacturing partners on the one side and spare manufacturing capacities on the other were the main drivers for a strategic partnership in which both parties will benefit greatly from each others operations. Were the powertrain consultancy represented all the front end processes of a transmission component development

machinery the manufacturing counterpart on the other hand provides a seamless transition for the new components into series production volumes from the casting process over to machining and even final assembly.

This partnership now

forms a strong service provider representing a one-stop shop for organisations developing powertrain components with the intention of prototyping or serial production. A significant reduction in communication interfaces and a very efficiently working development machinery driving design for manufacturing rigorously from the point were the first drawings are on the table

sets the foundations for very fast Drawing-to-Road leadtimes and highly mature and cost efficient products

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